Biden’s State of the Union; a Reset for Voters?

Only in Fairy Tales, Twitter Bots and MSNBC

By Chuck Warren

Axios reported this past week about the “Biden Reset.” In it, they wrote that “Biden officials see next month’s State of the Union address as a big, public reset moment — a chance to overcome or at least neutralize concerns about President Biden’s age and vitality.” Furthermore, “Many top Democrats are convinced that if the election were today, Biden would lose a rematch with former President Trump. Biden’s address on March 7 is his biggest chance to shift public perceptions.”

Here is the problem — NO matter what the Biden’s team spins to Axios:

First, “Joe Biden’s 2023 State of the Union Address was watched by about 27.3 million viewers across the United States, about 11 million viewers lower than the previous year’s viewer figure.”

Does anyone believe those ratings will be higher this year? It’s more likely to lose more viewers by a million or more than the 2023 uninspiring moment.

In fact, according to Gallup, “Americans’ approval of President Joe Biden’s job performance has edged down three percentage points to 38%, just one point shy of his all-time low and well below the 50% threshold that has typically led to reelection for incumbents.”

In many Americans’ minds, he has lost the right to take an hour plus of their time spinning and making excuses, for crying out loud. That same Gallup poll shows him with a 28% approval on immigration. Anyone’s household pet could get better numbers on that issue. This does not even include Biden’s approval rating from political independents at 32%.

How do these numbers, anywhere on the good Lord’s green earth, prove people will listen in and allow a reset?

Second, besides the Joe Biden Homers, no one is going to be snookered by someone reading from a teleprompter that he had been practicing for weeks. The vigorous enthusiasm of his Democrat allies and their raucous cheers will not fool anyone but the majority of post-State of the Union panels on CNN and MSNBC.

The problem for President Biden is… he is old. We all get there.

This isn’t WWII, where the press will cover for an ailing and physically declining president. Yes, his administration will continue to declare upon the heavens and earth he is sharp, enlightened and a gift to humanity, but people have eyes to see and ears to hear his missteps, mental hiccups and brain farts.

But hey, at least it is always good to have the press spinning your delusional narrative. Unfortunately for them, “Only 32% of the population reports having “a great deal” or “a fair amount” of confidence that the media reports the news in a full, fair and accurate way.”

Therefore the media spin and White House proclamations are only going to harden the delusional views 32-35% of the progressive left. Everyone else has already tuned out the Biden shitshow.

PS — sorry there wasn’t a better word for shitshow. Nothing seems to be comparable in usage for this stunt.