No, the Cruz and Cuomo stories are not the same

Just a reminder dear friends:

Ted Cruz did something that was clueless, callous and selfish beyond words. No excuses. He will never be re-elected to the US Senate or elected president.
Gov. Cuomo lied, obfuscated, threatened opponents and hid facts — people died. He will continue to be protected by most major news outlets and CNN as he runs mafia operation in New York.

Last night ABC World News Night devoted roughly four times more coverage to Cancun Ted (four minutes) than it did Murdered in Chief Cuomo controversy (55 seconds).
NBC’s “Nightly News” devoted two minutes and eight seconds to Cruz and one minute and 41 seconds to Capo dei Capi Cuomo.

CBS “Evening News” (which is the best broadcast news), was the only network to dedicate more time to the nursing home scandal.
Note, both stories are not the same. If you think they are, well, then sigh … truly take a mental health day.

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