Facebook Suspension

I was informed tonight, that I have now joined the prestigious community of Facebook users “suspended” from posting or commenting on my Facebook page.

Why you may ask?  See the two notifications below and let me share the ridiculous story.

First, this morning these enemies of free speech and frankly, just mental midgets, blocked a post because it went against Community Standards on misinformation about COVID-19 (see below)

What was the post and misinformation?  It was from the Wall Street Journal’s Tyler Blint-Welsh daily newsletter “Notes on the News” on March 9, 2021.  He sourced the information from an article written by Wall Street Journal’s Georgi Kantchev entitled, “Russia’s COVID-19 Vaccine is Embraced Abroad, Snubbed at Home.”  Apparently Facebook is now defenders of Russia abysmal vaccination rates and dispute statistics provided by Our World in Data and the CDC.

Second, then tonight they notified me that I “can’t post or comment for 30 days.”  Why?  Because the Chuck Norris meme below posted exactly one year ago today didn’t follow their Community Standards.  Does anyone see anything pro-Nazi about this meme?  If the meme was so offensive — which it isn’t to any normal human being – why not block it like they did the numbers quoted by the Wall Street Journal? Why the ban?

I have no words but just to laugh at their continual stupidity and robotic solutions to two post that are not offensive or a detriment to democracy or the public’s health.